Top 5 Hacks For Running Your Air Conditioner In The Fall

Top 5 Hacks for Running Your Air Conditioner in the Fall

After the simmering summer sun starts to give way to cooler days and nights, finding level ground on when to use the air conditioner and when to switch it off becomes an uphill task for many. While comfort is paramount, remember that running your AC longer affects its longevity and increases your energy bill. Solution?

Here are a few tips to help you maneuver the cooler months and make use of your air conditioner.

1. Turn Up Your Thermostat

During summer, the AC has to run to keep temperatures in your home low. However, as the heat gives in and temperatures drop, it is advisable to turn up the thermostat. This reduces the load on the AC and keeps your home cool. Ideally, you should set your thermostat to about 2 degrees lower than the outside temperatures.

During the fall, most people consider turning off the AC completely. While it is with good intentions, this move is counterproductive. When the AC is switched on, it has to work harder and consume more energy to get the house within the set parameters. As such, it is best to run the AC at a higher thermostat rating. The load is lower, and the energy consumption is low.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, all you need for a cool afternoon indoors is to get air around the house moving. Ceiling fans are best suited for this. By circulating cool air, you can give your air conditioner a break and cut costs.

3. Free the outdoor unit from leaves and debris

Branches, leaves, and debris restricting airflow outside the unit. During autumn, the outdoor unit is vulnerable because of high winds which usually carry leaves, dust, and other debris, and leave them around the unit.

Constantly check on the unit and remove any debris around the system. It is also advisable to have the system serviced regularly by a qualified HVAC expert. It makes it easier to catch any dust or debris build-up inside the system before it causes any damage. This is also a good time to schedule preventative maintenance for the system.

4. Change the filters

Summer calls for your air conditioner to work hard round the clock. During this time, the air filters can get dirty. If not replaced, they can obstruct airflow which could affect the functioning of your furnace. Changing filters will also make it easier for the air conditioner to deliver better results when running on low settings.

5. Have the HVAC fall maintenance routine completed

Without proper maintenance, your AC can easily fail, requiring emergency repairs and replacements. To avoid this, have your HVAC unit checked regularly. To optimize and prepare your AC for fall, the following maintenance procedures are critical:

  • Checking the amount of refrigerant   
  • Cleaning air ducts 
  • Testing for leaks in seals and ducts
  • Checking thermostat accuracy
  • Checking, cleaning and tightening electric terminals and connections

Every season brings new challenges to your air conditioning. To avoid any problems and keep the system in good shape by having the system regularly checked and serviced by qualified experts. Call us at (410) 600-7964} or fill our contact form to schedule an inspection today.