Pumpkin Spice & HVAC Maintenance: Now is the perfect time for both!

Pumpkin Spice & HVAC Maintenance: Now is the perfect time for both!

We are just beginning to see the first signs of fall. The nights are cooler, the leaves are beginning to change, and pumpkin spice seems to be everywhere you turn. What most people don’t realize is that fall is the ideal time to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system.

But you are probably asking…

Why Now?

Routine maintenance performs two functions in an HVAC system. First, it helps prepare the system for the changeover from using the air conditioning to using the heater. And second, it identifies potential problems so they can be fixed. After using your air conditioner all summer, your furnace has been neglected. A tune-up, routine maintenance, and inspection can help a certified technician prepare it for use all winter long. They can also see common problems that could potentially leave you without a heater once the temperatures begin to dip.


You May Not Know What You’re Missing

Even if your system seems to be working fine, you may not be getting everything you need from your current system. Too much static during the winter? Do your seasonal allergies flare up when your furnace kicks on? Tired of not being able to control your home’s temperature with your smartphone? A solution may be as simple as adding features to your existing HVAC system.

  • Humidifiers add humidity to your hair reducing static throughout your home and easing chronically dry skin.
  • Air purifiers go above and beyond HEPA filters installed in your furnace to actively improve the air quality in your home.
  • Programmable thermostats now not only intuitively learn your home’s habits, but they also come equipped with motion detection and remote control features that can be controlled with your smartphone.
  • If your system is low on refrigerant but still works, you may be spending double or even triple on your heating costs. Adding refrigerant at the right levels, at the right time can save you money all winter long.

Basic Maintenance is Essential

Even if you don’t have any interest in adding features to your home’s heater, routine maintenance is key to any HVAC system. Over time, like any surface of your home, your heater’s essential equipment will become dirty or dusty. If left on its own, your heater will lose efficiency and eventually quit altogether. Basic maintenance such as changing air filters, cleaning coils, getting rid of dust and debris on electrical components, and maintaining your blower’s motor will not only help your furnace to run better year after year, and it will improve its efficiency, saving you money. Remember, the lifespan of a well-maintained heater will far exceed one that is installed and then ignored.

At Farnen & Dermer, our certified HVAC technicians are skilled at preparing your system for the chilly winter months. Call today to schedule your furnace tune-up as you sip your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the peace of mind that you are ready for everything winter can throw at you.

Even though routine maintenance is key to a high-performing HVAC system, sometimes your HVAC system may be at the end of the road and it may be time for a new one. Watch the video below of Mr. Stamper, a happy customer who actually saved more money by instilling a new HVAC system.