New AC Unit Installed in a Home in Ellicott City, MD

New AC Unit Installed in a Home in Ellicott City, MD


– [Zach] We’re out in Howard County today in Ellicott City. We are installing a new¬†air conditioning¬†system for Mr. Davis here. It’s October 6th and it’s 85°. So never a better time.

Old AC Systems Need Replacing and Upgrading

So basically, we got a call earlier this week and this customer, he was having an issue with his AC, wanted to look to replace it. Who would think the fall would be a good time to replace your air conditioning system, but it definitely is. Fortunately, it’s been looking a little cooler in the evening, but, as I said, 85° right now so it’s nice and hot. He knew he needed to do something. The system was nice and old so we’re here today replacing it and upgrading everything.

As we’re walking into the backyard now, and… Hi, Mr. Davis?

– [Mr. Davis] Hi. Yeah.

– Hi, how are you? I’m Zach. – Hi, Zach.

– Hi. Nice to meet you.

– Same to you. Nice day for October, right? Nice and hot?

– Yeah. I feel sorry for the guys up in that attic.

– You’d think in October it’d be nice and cool. Could be worse, I guess when it’s 100°.

But what’s going on, Rick?

– [Rick] Not much, my man. Not much.

– Rick’s got a new friend.

– Yeah, Phoebe.

– She’s been out here all day every time I go looking for her, I come around here and she’s out here with Rick.

– Rick’s nice. Likable. I think.

– Everybody is. Everybody’s been great.

A American Standard 16 SEER Unit is a Good System

– Good. And we’ve got the new unit right here. Nice American Standard 16 SEER unit. Should save him plenty on his utility bills and keep him nice and cool. He is working on the line sets right now. So basically the line sets, that’s the copper piping in between the outdoor unit and its indoor unit which is up in the attic. Basically, that’s where the refrigerant flows. So he’s working on that one right now.

– The last one went kaput. It had a leak in the freon. And it was only what, got it in the early ’90s. – Twenty? – Twenty-some years. So it lasted. – It lived a pretty good life.

– I hope this one outlasts me.

– We hope it doesn’t.

– Yeah, we hope it doesn’t.

– And we take a look inside in the attic, that’s where we’re doing the indoor portion of the system. Do you mind us taking a look inside?

– No, no.

– Cool. Thank you.

– You don’t have to take your shoes off.

– It’s okay.

– You don’t need your shoes off.

Lots of Work Happens in the Attic

– Here we’ve got the guys, Kian and James. A couple of our installers up in the attic. We’re installing the air handler, so that’s basically the blower portion of the system. So that’s what blows the air and keeps everything nice and cool. So we have the new thermostat mounted on the wall already. There’s no power to it yet. By later this afternoon, there will be. So do you want to take a lookup in the attic?

– Let’s do it.

– Hey, what’s going on with you, buddy? How’s everything going?

– We’ve got James here installing the indoor unit. Nice and neat as always. That’s Jimmy’s motto. So how’s it coming along up here?

– Great.

– Right now he’s tying in the copper line sets like Rick was doing on the outside, Jimmy’s doing that on the inside right now. So basically he’s tying it into the indoor portion of the system. We’ll get everything fired up and start testing the units and get everything nice and cool.

– What is that thing? – Got an attic nice and warm today.

– I take my shoes off in my own house, so I feel like I should take them off here as well, just like to keep the customer’s house nice and clean. That looks good though. They did a nice job up in the attic.

– Oh, did they?

A New AC System Can Drastically Lower Your Electric Bills

– Yeah. What are your electric bills right now? Your BG&E bills?

– One seventy-three.

– Yeah, so this is just a straight air-conditioning system, so it won’t save obviously on the heating, but in the summer months, it should be a lot lower. How old was this system that we’re replacing?

– It had to be 20 some years.

– It was 20 some…90? – In the early ’90s. I guess ’93. – So close to 25 years old? You should save considerably.

– Thank you for coming.

– Yeah, Thanks for having us.

– You guys did a great job.

– Yeah, we really appreciate the opportunity, and yeah. You’ll be nice and comfortable soon. Hopefully, you won’t need the air conditioning for that much longer this year.

– That’s what I mean. Now I’ve got to…now it’s time to turn the heat on.

– Yeah, it’s almost that time.

– You might be getting another job.

– Whenever we can help, we are ready

– All righty, you guys have a good day.

– You, too.

– Thank you.

– Nice meeting you.

– See you later, camera guy.

– See you later, camera guy.

– See you, buddy.

SEER Rating is Like Miles Per Gallon

– Here we have the old AC unit. You can see this thing, it’s gotten some years under its belt. I don’t know if it has a manufacturing date. Manufactured in 08/91. This thing is close to as old as me. I was March of ’91 so this thing’s pretty darn old. When systems get older, you know, of course, they’re outside all the time, they get dirty, and just over the years, they just lose efficiency. They cause the electric bills to really increase in the summer and they just work a lot harder than they need to. The systems, they go off SEER rating, which is S-E-E-R, which is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and the minimum efficiency rating they have today is 14 SEER.

I mean, this bad boy’s probably a 6 SEER or an 8 SEER. So, I mean, it’s really inefficient. And think of SEER as miles per gallon, the higher that number, the least amount of electricity it uses. So if we’re putting in a 16 SEER system which is considered high efficiency. It’ll save him a boatload. It was probably again 6, 8 SEER, so…they don’t even make that kind of stuff anymore. Looks good, as always.

– Back in the attic. Finish up this install.