Fall HVAC Maintenance: The Top Tips You Need to Know

Fall HVAC Maintenance: The Top Tips You Need to Know

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather of autumn? While the hottest parts of the summer may be ending, you will still need your air conditioner for at least a few more months and to prepare it for the winter. 

This means that you should consider performing some simple fall HVAC maintenance. We’re going to discuss the steps you should take to ensure your AC keeps you cold until the winter months and prepare it for switching to heating functions. 

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Check Your Filter

The air filter in your home is one of the most forgotten yet most important parts of your HVAC unit. Many people forget to change this component for months on end yet don’t understand why their HVAC system needs repairs, energy bills are high, and their house isn’t staying cool. 

Regularly changing your AC filter will ensure that the air coming into your home is free of debris (which means less dust, less cleaning, and fewer allergens.) Additionally, it helps your air conditioner run efficiently meaning a comfortable home and lower electric bills. 

For average suburban homes with no pets, change the filter every three months. If you happen to have a four-legged family member, swap it out every two months and for people with multiple pets or allergies, replace the filter every month. 

Outdoor HVAC Maintenance

When most people think of their HVAC system, they think of the big outdoor unit and the noise that the fan creates. In order for your AC to run efficiently, the area around this part needs to be clean. 

On a pretty day, take a few minutes to remove any debris such as twigs and leaves. While you can spray the housing of the unit with water to rinse away any dirt, don’t attempt to get into the inner workings of the system–leave that to a professional.

Check for Leaks

Whether you find fall weather a bit chilly or a bit warm, you need to keep your home comfortable. To do this without overworking your HVAC system, you need to check for air leaks throughout your home. 

These can come from a variety of sources, including electrical outlets, door & window frames, and baseboards. To check for this, turn off all appliances that create air circulation, light a stick of incense, and walk by each of these areas. 

When the smoke appears to be blown around the room or sucked out, there is likely a leak. There are several ways to seal your home, but the easiest include weatherstripping and caulking.  

Schedule Maintenance

These steps can help keep your air conditioner running well and aid in the change from summer days to winter nights. However, it is important to schedule professional HVAC maintenance.

A service technician can perform all of the more intricate work that is required to keep your system running efficiently. Contact us if you would like to schedule your AC’s annual servicing!