3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time for Spring AC Repair!

3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time for Spring AC Repair!

It hardly seems like an ideal time to have your air conditioning in Baltimore serviced as the northeast digs out of another snowstorm. But before we know it, the cold wintry nights will give way to sweltering Baltimore afternoons. That is why we are offering you the three reasons why spring HVAC repair should be at the top of your “To Do” list this season.

1. Spring AC Repair Helps You Avoid Summer Meltdowns

Coming home to an 85-degree house when you should be greeted by a cool 68 degrees is enough to make your blood boil. You pick up the phone to call an HVAC repair company only to discover you are competing for appointments with the hundreds of other Maryland homeowners experiencing the same problem. What is most surprising to homeowners is that having your air conditioner serviced in the spring can prevent many of the problems you can potentially experience later in the season.

During a routine maintenance appointment, Farnen and Dermer HVAC specialists can analyze your cooling system and root out potential problems before you find yourself roasting in your living room. Many times, these repairs can be made the same day, leaving you with an AC that can handle anything you throw at it.

2. Spring is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner.

Ice cream sales and air conditioner replacements both soar in the summer months. A combination of heat and neglect can often leave your HVAC system beyond repair when you need it the most. At that point, the only alternative is to replace your unit altogether. But did you know that Spring HVAC replacement is one of the most affordable ways to have a new, energy-efficient system installed in your home?

Not only do manufacturers offer rebates on whole-home systems during the spring months, but tax time is also the ideal time to invest in your home. Take your rebate and turn it into an investment in your family’s comfort. You will be surprised at the energy savings you experience all year long.

3. Pollens are On Their Way.


Pollen Air

Most people skim over the “V” in HVAC, which stands for ventilation. This refers to both the airflow and air quality inside of your home. Rather than suffering through another allergy season, consider installing a whole-house air purifier. While spring HVAC filter changes are a given, a whole-house air purifier goes one step further to kill mold, bacteria, and fungus that is so prevalent in our air. These systems leave your home’s air cleaner, but they also help your home’s surfaces stay clean and bacteria-free, removing particles up to .03 microns in size.

While spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your air conditioner, you don’t have to do it alone. Let the professionals at Farnen and Dermer conduct a thorough spring HVAC maintenance and alert you to potential problems. Thinking about upgrading your HVAC system or adding a whole-house air purifier? Let us give you a quote and show you how affordable comfort can be.