Supercooling Your Home in the Summer: Is It a Super Money Saver?

Supercooling Your Home in the Summer: Is It a Super Money Saver?

During the summer’s record high temperatures, your goal is to save money and to feel comfortable. The best air conditioning systems provide convenience, but you might not be satisfied with your expensive monthly bills.

If you hate spending too much money just to keep your home cool, supercooling is the practical solution for you. This is an energy-efficient technique that keeps a comfortable temperature throughout your home. This article explores the key benefits of supercooling and how it helps you to keep your bills as low as possible.

Supercooling Helps you to Save Money

You should not have to worry that your power bills will go through the roof. The easiest and most cost-effective way to transform the entirety of your home into a cool environment is by using the supercooling method. This solution minimizes the amount of work your air conditioning system does at certain times of the day.

To get started with supercooling, you need to set up a time-of-day savings plan with your power service provider. This plan informs you about what time of day is the cheapest electricity rate. From Monday through Friday, you will know when to turn your AC on and off.

Keeping your home cool at the right time of day gives you the convenience to save on your utility bills.

Adjust your Thermostat Settings

During off-peak electricity hours, remember to turn your thermostat settings down. With this option, there are lower rates. Set the temperature between 68 to 70 degrees during the off-peak pricing time that is offered by your electrical company.

This is also a suitable time of day for you to use other appliances in your home. If you have to complete household chores, you can operate the dryer, washer, and other electrical appliances.

Crank your Thermostat for On-Peak Hours

Remember, during on-peak hours to adjust your thermostat to about 80 degrees. Make sure you set your thermostat to the warmest temperature in your home. By increasing your thermostat to 80 degrees at peak pricing hours, you have the advantage to get a lower monthly bill.

If you own an average-size home, experts recommend using this supercooling technique by adjusting your thermostat to 60 degrees. If you want to avoid an air conditioner repair, you can use this cooling trick.

How Much Did you Save on Your Power Bills?

Are you satisfied with the money you saved on your current power bill? Supercooling has proven to cut a customer’s energy bills by up to 25 percent to 33 percent when compared to previous summers.

There’s no need for you to fear the high price of your electrical bills during the summer months anymore. To keep costs down, you have the benefit of using a supercooling plan to help you stay cool and comfortable anywhere in your home.

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