5 Hvac Tips To Save Money On Your Summer Energy Bill

5 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill

States along both coasts can expect a hotter than normal summer this year.

Is your HVAC system up for the challenge? If you’re unsure, you should prepare now so you aren’t struggling to stay cool in the sweltering heat.

And with the rising temperatures come the rising energy bills. Here are five HVAC tips that will save you money this summer.

1. Change Your Filters

Out of all the HVAC tips and tricks, every homeowner should know how to change their filters.

For the best airflow, replace your filter every 30 to 90 days. If you neglect your filter for too long, dirt and dust build-up on the filter. This build-up causes your system to work harder and use more energy. 

Make sure to check the size of your current filter before you head to the store. The size should be clearly labeled on the current filter or your system. 

2. Remove Debris, Growth from Unit

Next, you should work on cleaning up the area around your exterior unit. 

During the winter and spring months, a lot of debris can collect around the unit like leaves or twigs. These months also give vines and weeds a chance to grow on or near your unit. All of these things prevent the proper airflow and circulation needed to keep your HVAC system running as it should. 

3. Clean the Coils

Cleaning your unit’s condenser coils is great HVAC advice that not many homeowners follow. 

The condenser coils in your outdoor unit attract both dust and dirt. Use a simple coil brush can remove a majority of this build-up. 

If you notice that your coils are still dirty, buy some condenser coil cleaner and apply it directly to the coils. Let the cleaner sit on the unit and collect the dirt for five to ten minutes, then gently rinse off the coils with your outdoor hose. 

4. Try a Smart Thermostat

In this modern age, if you’re not taking advantage of smart technology, you may as well be throwing money away. 

Install a smart thermostat to keep track of your energy usage and save money.

A smart thermostat works by studying your habits, like when you’re home and what temperatures you prefer. The thermostat will then automatically adjust temperatures for optimum efficiency. 

5. Consult the Professionals

The best way to ensure your HVAC system is ready for summer is to consult professionals. 

Scheduled at least one professional maintenance check per year. A professional can spot issues and use preventative maintenance before your system fails. They’ll also perform general maintenance to keep your system running efficiently for longer. 

Beyond HVAC Tips 

Now that you know these five HVAC tips, you’re prepared for the summer heat. 

First, start by changing your HVAC filters. Then, remove any debris surrounding your exterior unit and clean the condenser coils. You can try a smart thermostat in your home for advanced energy efficiency. 

And for the best HVAC maintenance, consult the professionals. 

If you’re in need of HVAC help near Baltimore Maryland, contact Farnen & Dermer for a free estimate. Our team of professionals can get your system running efficiently before the first heatwave hits!