Oil Furnace Troubleshooting 101

Oil Furnace Troubleshooting 101

Oil furnaces are used for warming homes, especially during winter and cold nights. However, it is not uncommon to find your house is not heating as required even when you have turned the furnace on. Here is oil furnace general troubleshooting.

Check thermostat

When your heating system is not working correctly, it is advisable to troubleshoot the thermostat. Most modern automatic thermostats are programmable allowing you to warm your house to your preferred degrees.

To test the thermostat, make sure it is “on” before making sure it is set on the right settings – “Cool” or “Heat.” Ensure the battery is working and there are no programming overrides. Move the device to the heat and adjust the heating settings of the thermostat slowly. If the furnace fails to make a sound, it means the thermostat needs to be replaced as it not sending signals.

Check fuel oil supply

Perhaps the reason your heating furnace is not functioning properly is fuel oil supply. Check on the tank if it has enough oil. You may be shocked to find the fuel is out. Besides, when your tank gets low, the sediment may get sucked.

Inspect the furnace

If your house is no longer warming, you may have to go and inspect the furnace. Check whether the filter is blocked. If so, remove it. You may also touch the cabinet to feel it if is warm. A furnace will always produce a sound when running, if it is not, you may need to contact us for professional repair.

Does the furnace suddenly go off

Sometimes, your furnace may suddenly go off, even when it has been warming your house without issues. Check whether the filter has a lot of dirt. Your furnace may also go off when there is no fuel oil.

If you establish that the air filter is blocked by dust, you should clean it or replace if it is very old. If the problem was oil supply, but the necessary.

Is there excessive smoking coming out

When you observe that your furnace is generating excessive smoke, you should act fast as it may cause a fire or explode. The causes may be improper ignition, lack of draft, or a blockage in the furnace among others.

You should turn off any fuel supply to the heating furnace. Turn off the valve at the tank and that at the burner. You also have to adjust the burner. Check if the combustion chamber is producing excess heat. Wait until a licensed technician checks it before turning it on again.

Not starting at all

Your oil furnace may fail to start when the thermostat is not properly connected. Other causes are problems with a gas valve, switches that are not turned on, or when you need to reset the furnace.

You can address this problem by checking all the switches and ensuring they are on. You can also reset the furnace or clean the pilot frame. If it fails to start, you can call us to have the furnace checked by a professional.

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