Is a Small Air Conditioner Better For Your Home?

Is a Small Air Conditioner Better For Your Home?

The high temperature and high humidity days of summer are almost upon us. While kids are thinking about the end of school adults living without central air conditioning are starting to wonder how to cool their homes. It may seem like a simple thing, but anyone who has lived through August in Maryland without a way to cool off knows that oscillating fans and lemonade just don’t cut it. But does size really matter when it comes to your air conditioner?

Smaller is Not Necessarily Better

When you are without an air conditioner it is tempting to think, “A small air conditioner is less expensive so we’ll just make do with that.” Placed in a window, a small unit will cool part of your home but ultimately lacks the ability to cool every room to a comfortable level. Small air conditioners are designed to cool a small space. Without the ability to tap into your home’s ventilation system, cool air cannot reach other rooms in your house. Even if you have a small unit installed as a central air conditioner, it is likely to become overloaded as you attempt to cool your home, eventually quitting altogether. At Farnen and Dermer, we only install air conditioners that are appropriate for the size of your home. This way, your a/c can effectively cool your home and then automatically shut off, saving the unit’s structure and your utility bill.

Small Units Do Not Address Air Flow

Your air conditioner does more than just cool your home. It is the way for air to circulate throughout your entire structure preventing many of the high humidity problems we experience in Maryland. Mold and mildew tend to grow in areas that are not properly ventilated while allergens settle everywhere when there is no airflow. Having a small air conditioner may seem like an ideal fix for keeping part of your home cool, but it fails to address these problems in the rest of your home.

Making the Jump from Small Air Conditioner to Central Air is Within Reach

One of the biggest reasons why people do not make the jump from a small window or floor air conditioner to central air is cost. Having once talked to an HVAC specialist years ago, they feel like central air is outside of their reach financially. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Farnen and Dermer, our goal is to give you an HVAC system that will last at a price you can afford. Not only do our experts recommend the correct size, style, model and brand for your home, but they can also help you find ways to make it an affordable upgrade. Best of all, homes with high-quality HVAC systems command a higher value than those with simple band-aid fixes like a small air conditioner placed in the window. For more information or to schedule your free in-home HVAC consultation, contact¬†Farnen and Dermer¬†today. Let us show you why we have been Maryland’s most trusted HVAC experts for more than 100 years.