New Heating System Free of Charge to Family in Need


See a Need, Fill a Need

In the more than a century that Farnen & Dermer has been in business, we have seen Murphy’s Law in full effect over and over again. The adage, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” seems to be especially cruel in the middle of Maryland winters. There is something about the coldest days of the year that leave many of our neighbors with failed furnaces, scrambling to stay warm. That is why we recommend a furnace tune-up every fall to keep your heating system functioning all winter long. Many of the problems that cause your furnace to fail can be prevented by simple maintenance or repaired long before you wake up freezing one morning. But when money is tight, regular maintenance on your HVAC system is the furthest thing from your mind. You may even find yourself staring down a long winter without necessary heat as one family did during one of the coldest weeks of the year.

A Desperate Plea

One afternoon, Zach Dermer was catching up on social media when he came across one post that struck him to his core. On the Reisterstown Owings Mills Facebook page, one family simply said, “We’re living on space heaters thanks to neighbors. Our bedroom was 32 degrees. We’ve hit rock bottom, no [money], and no credit. Just thought I would try to see if there is an angel who is licensed HVAC who out of the good of heart be willing to try to fix furnace for pro bono.”

Zach knew that the area would see low single-digit temperatures over the next several days. He also knew that he could directly affect the health and well-being of this family. Without thinking, Zach replied, “My family business (Farnen & Dermer) can help! We are a fully licensed HVAC company based in Owings Mills/Reisterstown. We have a program where we’ll install a brand new furnace for you 100% free of cost. Please private message me your phone number, and I will reach out to schedule an appointment to take a look at your existing furnace.”

To the Rescue

When Zach arrived at the family’s home, he quickly realized that repairing the existing furnace would only be a temporary fix. This family needed a new furnace if they were going to make it through the winter without any further problems. So, he did what he had seen his family do for generations in the HVAC business – he filled a need. Within days of posting their desperate plea, the family was enjoying the warmth of a brand new, energy-efficient furnace that would see them through years of harsh Maryland winters.

Farnen & Dermer is more than an HVAC and plumbing company. We are have been meeting the needs of Maryland families for generations. Not only is the entire staff committed to your health, safety, and well-being, we offer you the best value out there. Let us show you the Farnen & Dermer difference. Call today for a free estimate on a new HVAC system or to schedule your furnace maintenance.