Tis the Season for Annual Boiler Maintenance

Tis the Season for Annual Boiler Maintenance

There is a point in every home when you can no longer hide under blankets and in sweatshirts and finally have to turn on the heat. While a furnace uses natural gas and air to distribute heat, a boiler produces heat with water either piped directly into radiant heating systems or steam moved through a series of pipes to the radiators in your home. This combination of either gas, electricity or oil and water is a breeding ground for havoc without regular boiler service.

What is Annual Boiler Service?


It is surprising how little we think about the heat source in our homes until something goes wrong. Fall is the best time to avoid costly boiler repair later in the season. During annual boiler service, the certified HVAC technician or boiler engineer will check the power source (gas, electricity or oil) and ensure all of the power connections are clean and in working order. They will also check to ensure that seals are intact, fans and other key components are in working order. They will also check the boiler pressure for any indications of leaks in the system. Leaks in a boiler system are potentially devastating to a home since they indicate water damage somewhere within its structure. Should the HVAC technician or boiler engineer find something out of the ordinary, they can often make key repairs on the spot or recommendations for more extensive services.

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Do I have to have my boiler serviced every year?

What happens to your car when you don’t wash it in the winter? After all, it’s just snow, right? Well, snow mixed with salt and other deicing chemicals. And mud. But it’s mostly snow, so you don’t need to wash your car in the winter. Right?

Yes, your boiler uses water to heat your home, but it also uses boiler fuel to heat that water. If that fuel source is coal, oil or natural gas, the point where the igniter lights the flame is subject to carbon build-up that needs to be cleaned periodically to avoid an explosion. Even boilers that use electricity are prone to dust and dirt build-up in key components that could potentially start a fire. Your boiler engineer or HVAC technician will clean these points as a part of your annual boiler service.

Then consider the minerals in our water in Maryland that make it “hard.” These minerals build up in pipelines over time restricting flow through the system. Annual boiler service can reduce these deposits, extend the life of your system and help your boiler run more efficiently.


Still not convinced?

Let the professionals at Farnen and Dermer show you the difference regular boiler maintenance can make in how well your system runs this winter. Our certified HVAC technicians are skilled at servicing all types of heating devices including hydronic boilers, commercial boilers, and solar boilers. Without it, the only thing you have to lose is heat.