Exactly What to Do When You Need Your AC Repaired Quickly

Exactly What to Do When You Need Your AC Repaired Quickly

While regular maintenance and proper cleaning may help extend the life of your air conditioner, there is no guaranteed way to prevent a breakdown. Unfortunately, air conditioners often falter outside of standard business hours and during the most intense summer heat. If you find yourself in need of emergency AC repair, follow these steps.

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Preparation is Vital

With summer approaching and the eventual heat wave coming, an AC emergency is the last thing anyone wants to think about; however, a little preparation goes a long way in reducing your risk of a breakdown. Preparation also helps you act quickly and confidently in the event of a system failure.

  • Continue to keep routine maintenance up-to-date on all AC units. Lack of preventative care contributes to many system failures. Remember to check and replace filters, confirm fluid levels, and schedule professional annual cleanings.
  • Inspect your unit for any signs of wear-and-tear or rust.
  • Clean the outdoor AC unit, if necessary.
  • If you currently have an older model that is 10+ years old, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model. Outdated systems are not as reliable or efficient as the newer models. If you consistently need repairs on your aging unit, then you can expect a middle-of-the-night failure in your near future.
  • Keep the phone number for emergency AC repair posted to your fridge: (410) 600-7964
  • Keep an oscillating fan in your house as a backup to use in the event of an AC breakdown.

Assess the Situation

If you suspect that your air conditioner is not functioning properly, you’ll want to double-check that your thermostat is on and set correctly. If you cannot easily or quickly identify a problem, it’s safe to say you may need a professional’s assistance. Ask yourself if the situation warrants an emergency call to an HVAC technician.

  • Is the heat so intense that you cannot get comfortable even with the windows open and oscillating fans operating?
  • Is your air conditioner running but just cannot cool your house? Is the heat keeping you and your family from sleeping?
  • Is there a family member suffering from a medical condition made worse by the heat?
  • Is there a burning smell? Do you smell gas?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then you should request emergency AC services.

Turn Off the Unit

There are many reasons why an AC unit breaks down and fails to produce flowing cool air. Rather than let the system overheat and run in vain, turn off the unit. This is especially important if you also detect a burnt smell or gassy odor emanating from your air conditioner.

Call for Help

There’s no need to suffer through the night and wait until working hours to place a call; emergency technicians are equipped to handle a multitude of issues on many different models and brands of air conditioner units.

If your air conditioner breaks in the middle of the night, call the professionals at Farnen & Dermer, and a technician will be there to assist you.