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HVAC News DOE Finances Emerging Industry Technologies


The Department of Energy (DOE) funds multiple scientific research projects conducted across about 20 government labs scattered across the States. Within the labs, scientists study and evaluate renewable energy sources, refrigerants, HVAC technology, and countless other related subject matters. Every year, the DOE petitions Congress with a budget request in order to continue financing projects that are worthy of further investigation.


“The Fiscal Year 2011 Summary of Performance and Financial Information” issued by the DOE reports that the department is prepared to see energy-efficiency retrofits to completion on 769,420 homes – estimated to bring an annual energy savings of $437 for each home retrofitted by the end of the 2012 fiscal year.


The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), a division of the DOE, has been attempting to further develop space conditioning, and is reaching to meet goals with heat pumps, energy efficiency, non-vapor compression technologies with humidity control, retrofit technologies, application of nanotechnology to a/c component design, development of zero-global warming potential, refrigerants, and so forth.


Included in research strides is the continued examination of thermoacoustic refrigeration, which uses sound as opposed to chemical refrigerant. Experimented with largely in the 80s and 90s, thermoacoustic refrigeration became one of the first zero-GWP refrigerants. The technology has yet to sweep the mainstream, and though the DOE doesn’t have a well-defined stance on this type of refrigerant, they’ve made plans to continue researching the matter, potentially making it more energy efficient and a viable refrigerant option.


At Farnen and Dermer, we’re carefully watching for emerging developments in the HVAC industry so we can stay abreast of the latest technologies and incorporate them into our business standards as appropriate, remaining a highly relevant contractor in the HVAC field.


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DOE Budgets for Improving HVAC Technology


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