6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Woman very hot in her home using a fan.

Summer is here. With all the joys of summer also comes the inevitable heat. Keeping your home cool in the summer can be challenging and oftentimes costly. So how can you have a fun-filled summer without overheating?

Opening windows and doors

In the heat of summer, opening a window or door is usually an absolute no go, but there are some points in the day where supplementing your AC with natural ventilation can be a refreshing way to cool down your home.

When temperatures decrease in the evening and late at night, you want to take advantage of the dips. A solid rule of thumb is that if the temperature outside is lower or the same as the temperature that your thermostat is set at, open the windows and/or doors.

We do not want your heating and cooling system working overtime trying to fight off air coming in that is warmer than the home’s set ideal temperature, but if the breeze flowing through is cooler or similar, the thermostat will not kick on and your energy won’t be wasted.

Window Coverings

When temperatures are at their highest outside, window coverings are a great way to keep in the cool and keep out the heat. If your home is not equipped with blinds or shutters, try installing blackout curtains or other heavy duty curtains that block out harsh incoming light that warms the home.


This may seem like an obvious concept, but a study done by Energy Star found that by raising your home’s thermostat by a couple degrees and using fans as a supplemental air source, homeowners were able to lower their cooling costs by 14 percent.

If you are not concerned about cost but rather just want to more efficiently cool your home, fans are a great way to improve the circulation of air throughout your home.

Pro Tip: Place your fan near an air vent so that it boosts the cold air further into the room.

Whether you choose to add a standing fan to a few of your bedrooms, a desk fan to your work from home space, or a ceiling fan to your living room, fans are an easy and affordable way to stay cool all summer long.

Consistent temperature control

A common misconception when it comes to cooling or heating a home is to turn off the system when not at home. However, it takes more energy to bring your home back to your ideal temperature after being off than it does to remain at a consistent temperature.

The US Department of Energy suggests that you keep your home’s thermostat set at 78 degrees. This may not be cool enough for the average family, but using 78 as a base temperature for when you are away from home and lowering the thermostat by 2-3 degrees while at home is a great way to conserve energy in your home.

AC maintenance

Another way to ensure your home is staying cool this summer is to stay on top of all HVAC maintenance. Keeping your system running it’s best is a no brainer when it comes to getting the most out of your AC.

Schedule professional maintenance every 6 months and perform air filter changes in the interim. Air filters should be replaced every 30-60 days. A clogged air filter can lead to poor air quality, reduced ventilation and eventually even a shut down of your system.

Avoid Heat Appliances

Your stove, oven, hair straighteners, and blow dryer may not seem like summer no-nos, but all of these items (any many others) can push hot air back through the home. Cutting down the use of these appliances is a helpful way to stay cool.

Whether you head to the local pool to cool off or stay home in your AC oasis, Farnen and Dermer is here to help you with any heating and cooling needs.